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Is Your Photography Business
Being Found On Pinterest?  

Pinterest is not a social media platform.
It’s a visual search engine which means your content can be searched for and found if set up with the proper SEO, and once your content is on Pinterest, it stays there - forever.  That means when you create content and set it up correctly, your efforts are long lasting and can benefit you weeks, months and even years down the road. 

People go on Pinterest with a purpose. 
They go there to plan, dream and do and Pinterest users are ready to act.  
Will you be there when they are?

She just got engaged.  She calls her friends and posts the news on social media.  After the telling subsides, it’s time to make a plan.  Where does she go?  You guessed it!  Pinterest. 
She’s searching for everything wedding, but are your photos there waiting to be found in her search? Are your photos there to send her directly to your website?

She’s expecting a baby in a few months and has an updated family photo with the new arrival at the top of her prep list.  She goes to Pinterest for inspiration. 
Are your photos there ready to be found, so she can be led to you?

You have great blog posts and YouTube videos, or maybe it’s a fantastic opt-in or digital products and services you’re hoping get seen but you’re not making the progress you hoped for with social media, not to mention your email list isn’t growing.
Is your content on Pinterest ready to be searched for and found? When it is, it just takes a click for your ideal client to be sent exactly where you want them to go.


Your goals include scaling your business using Pinterest, but without the proper plan and a working knowledge of the tool you’re using, how do you do that? 

My Pinterest services always come with something that not all Pinterest services do - strategy.  You have to know what’s working, what’s not and how to use that information to grow your Pinterest account and increase your website traffic.  You also have to look at the entire customer journey.  We can drive traffic to your website, but you need it to convert and I help you do that.  

It’s my mission to increase leads to your ideal client by showcasing your talent, services and the resources you’ve created on the stellar platform of Pinterest, all while saving you time and energy.
As a result, you can continue to “wow” your clients with more zest, work on your business in ways you’ve only dreamed of or just take a breather.

Wherever you are on your Pinterest journey, I can help you reach your goals.
Head to my services page by clicking the button below to learn more.

Pinterest will enable you to share your work and offerings better than any other platform out there to grow your business.
I look forward to helping you do that.

Believer. Photography Enthusiast. Unashamed Cookie Thief. Lover of Shenanigans. Borderline Crazy Dog Lady.

Believer. Photography Enthusiast. Unashamed Cookie Thief. Lover of Shenanigans. Borderline Crazy Dog Lady.

Hi there!
I’m Sue Crites and I’m so glad you’ve arrived in my little corner of the world.

Photography has intrigued me since I was a kid and I’ve enjoyed taking courses and implementing that knowledge as I was working toward making professional photography my career, just like you. Life can change things, but I love what I do and I can still lose all track of time when taking photos.

I love looking at images and admiring the elements that make them up. It takes talent and a keen eye to take a great shot and make it breathtaking. I admire what you capture and create.

I can best serve my clients by having a working knowledge of their area of expertise and it’s one I enjoy. Photography is a perfect fit and I look forward to serving your needs.