Pinterest Services


Still skeptical about the benefits of Pinterest?
Lend me your ears . . .

In case you’re on the fence or still wondering what all the fuss is about, I wanted to share a few tidbits that will shed some light on why you’re truly missing out if you’re not fully invested in using Pinterest to it’s full capacity for your business.

Here are some quick Pinterest stats:

  • 300m people use Pinterest every month

  • 98% have tried something new they found on Pinterest

  • 84% use Pinterest when they’re trying to decide what to buy

  • 77% have found a new brand or product

  • 85% of women users use Pinterest to plan “life moments”

  • 59% percent of millennials have discovered products on Pinterest

  • Pinterest reaches most US families: 7 in 10 US moms / 1 in 3 US dads

  • 80% of Pinterest users are on mobile

  • Visual searches on Pinterest have more than doubled in one year. Visual search is growing strong, and Pinterest is at the forefront. 

    Quality images are important for success on Pinterest and as a photographer or photography educator, there’s no shortage of that for you. You’re already ahead of the game, so let’s use that advantage to grow your business.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky:

There are many moving parts to a successful Pinterest account and just like other platforms, there’s an algorithm that requires us to play by their rules. They’re not unreasonable ones but it’s just the way it is and like any other system, you have to learn it well to be successful.

Researching the best keywords to use, where to put them throughout your account, how often to pin and when, the best way to set up your account and boards, how to know what’s working and what isn’t . . . and the list goes on.

Plain and simple, there’s a lot to know and there’s a learning curve that comes with it.

No worries. That’s where I come in.

I know you have a “To Do” list pulling you in ten directions - finding clients, giving them a great experience, the session or event itself, editing, blog posts, deliverables . . . That doesn’t even include pursuing more in your business or carving out personal time for you and your family.

You could tackle Pinterest yourself, but will you be maximizing the impact
Pinterest can have on your business?
Maybe you’re already on Pinterest.  Are you making the progress you’d like? 
Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with all that’s involved?

Let me take that load off of you.

By doing so, your focus can be on your using your talents and doing what you love. You started a photography business because you love it. Don’t waste your time mastering a task that someone else specializes in. Outsource the things you’re able to so you can give your full focus to your clients, providing them the amazing experience you’re known for.

Don’t wait and wish you had started this process sooner.
Think about where you could be in six months if you start now.

Scroll down to see my Pinterest service packages.

I’m ready when you are and I look forward to it!


Trust me. I understand.

You’ve worked long and hard to get your business where it is and it’s not always easy to outsource a task.
I don’t take it lightly that you’d be entrusting me with your hard earned resources to reach your goals.
I do what I say, deliver what I promise and want my services to be a load off your shoulders.

My service offerings are below.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Some kind words from folks:

Sue has always provided exceptional service, been detail oriented and she is extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend Sue Crites. It has been a pleasure to work with her!
-Tracy McC.

Our confidence and satisfaction continue to grow as Sue has proven to be thoughtful, thorough, and attentive to every detail. She is a consummate communicator, and has been very flexible in accommodating our constantly evolving needs. We wish we could clone her!
- Darin K.

I highly recommend Sue due to the following: She is professional, thorough, honest and dependable! Integrity and honesty are everything and Sue has those and many more qualities!
-James M.